Lesson 2 – Basic Guitar Finger Exercises | Tutorial (Tips) | Shantanu Arora

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Basic Tips on how to do Finger exercises that beginners can use to get started on the Guitar.These basic exercises will also develop your strength ,independence and stretch on the Guitar.

I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Hi everyone:) Maestromike here,Thank you for visiting my website:) I more than appreciate it :) I have been playing guitar for 35 years now- ALREADY!!! boy where does the time go indeed:(:!!!Now the best possible advice i could give you is to be persistent!!!Always pick up and play your guitar whenever possible,use any spare time for playing guitar only!!! And i promise,you will be surprised at how fast you will be able to play,trust me. As my 35 years of Guitar experience proves this fact over and over again!!!So enjoy looking at my site and all the best to your guitar playing, and be persistent,persistent,persistent - Maestromike (Maestro):):):)

45 thoughts on “Lesson 2 – Basic Guitar Finger Exercises | Tutorial (Tips) | Shantanu Arora

  1. Your lessons are quite impressive. With busy life in USA i found, that you are the best teacher for this dam sweet sound devise. i am dying heart fan of guitar. i have been working hard to learn . But since i found your Chanel it has been so easy for me to learn more and i can see improvement . Thanks brother for making my life easy :)). Your are the best.

  2. Hii.. shantanu, I am vivek from Noida..I want to learn guitar
    I want to purchase a acoustic guitar. my budget is 15k..pls suggest me..

    1. thanks shantanu मैंने आपके द्वारा सजेस्ट किये गए गिटार को देखा, जिसके बाद मैंने सभी का वीडियो देखा और साउंड सुना जिसमें मुझे Fender CD60CE और Ibanez V72 पसंद आया, लेकिन क्योंकि मैं एक बिगनर हूं तो मुझे लगता है कि आप मुझे इनमें से अच्छा वाला गिटार बता सकते हैं.

    1. +priya pothula The tips remain the same as explained in the other video. Delhi and Mumbai have nearly go the same guitar companies /models

  3. Sir, You are amazing ! everytime in every video you are introducing yourself this explains how humble you are. very nice explanation. I started learning and currently i am in USA. Thank you. you are the best.

  4. dear Sir thanku very much. after seeing ur 1st video i purchased guitar. where should I press the fingers on the strings, In between frets or near to the end of frets

  5. Hi Shantanu Sir.. I have just bought a guitar which I’m learning to play from scratch. I have read in the comments that I need to practice these excercises for 3-4 days. But what if I cannot play it nearly as proficiently as you. Should I be aiming at that?

    1. +p n m you don’t need to be a master at these. Practice these for 3-4 days and move to the next lesson. Along with that keep practicing these exercises

  6. you’re so cute!! that smile tho😍😍.

    by the way thank you so much. I watched your videos and bought my very first guitar yesterday. now taking lessons from you.

    Thank you so much vaiya

  7. Hi this is Natasha sharma from Chd.I’m a vocal Hindustani classical singer(advance learner) No doubt ur tutorials r too gud to learn even i learn alot from ur videos but apart from that there is alot of people who learn from u but do complains also that u speaks in English n i wud juz say pls speak in hindi bcz the people who can’t take classes n all that i mean which r financial weak even study in govt. Schools n living in villages they can’t speak in english n can’t understand pls for those people speak in hindi so that they could learn then kindly make sure everybody can learn.pls don’t mind my intension is not to put you down.

    1. Hi. Good to know that you are into music. Some of my videos are in hindi and some are in English to teach people who understand either of these languages. Check out my latest videos. They are in hindi

  8. Sir, I think I need to tune my guitar(Yamaha F310).Please guide me how to tune the same as I tried to play the frets along with string as youu said in the video, it does not give me the sound it should give.

  9. Hello sir,
    I’m a beginner guitarist & I’m facing problems in playing barre chords. Can you please suggest some tips or can upload any video on it?

  10. In the first exercise, you are playing the string up down, up down in few strings and down only in few strings (4,5,6). Finally when you play fast, you are doing up down up down in all strings. So how to play the strings!?!?
    Is it up in fret1, down in fret2, again up in fret 3 and down in fret 4???????

    1. The technique is known as alternate picking. The first note should be played downwards and the second upwards. Repeat this process

  11. 1st exercise mein fingers 4 frats pr kaise rakhi jaayein
    4 frats pr 1 bar mein 4 fingers thoda difficult hai m kaise kru
    I am a beginner….

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