Metallica – Atlas, Rise! Guitar Lesson (Part 1)

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* I seem to have missed a note in the opening riff. Instead of playing an A power chord with the open palm muted A string hits in between, play muted open E string hits between the A power chords instead. Sorry about that one. 🙂 Carl…

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In this Atlas, Rise! guitar lesson video series, I will show you how to play this Metallica hit note-for-note.

There are lots of cool riffs in this one along with a pretty melodic guitar solo from Kirk Hammett.

We will be using standard tuning for this one.

Since there are some many riffs and harmony guitar sections to tackle in this song, I will break the lesson up into two videos.

I will also give you the exact minute and second mark of each new part that I am teaching so you will never get lost.

I will teach all of the sections up to the main guitar solo in the first video lesson. The second video lesson will start with the main solo then go through all the remaining sections of the song.

Some of the sections have two separate guitar parts, one even has three! I will show you each section as it appears in the song and let you know if it is a dual guitar part.

As with a lot of Metallica songs, there are a lot of riffs as well as slight variations of these riffs. You will find them all here in these two video lessons.

Hope you guys enjoy this one!


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