Tool “The Pot” Guitar Lesson

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This special edition of the Axe of Creation is in response to many subscribers, whom after watching my Adam Jones lesson; wanted to know what I knew about TooL's The Pot. Done and done was the answer, we love TooL here at Axe and hope you enjoy this lesson. Technically speaking The Pot is no harder than any other Adam Jones composition BUT it can be a little tricky, especially when performing in a live situation. Let this be a lesson to all you Axers out there, I encourage anyone and everyone to send in inquiries about lesson topics and songs. I will always get to everyone's request as soon as humanly possible. Thank you and keep em' comin, so we can stay slayin!


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37 thoughts on “Tool “The Pot” Guitar Lesson

    1. +Rahar Gaming ironic you comment that on a video about the tools “the pot” which points out hypocrites like you

  1. Hey man, any idea how Adam Jones gets his guitar to squeal like that on the bends in the beginning parts. Is he raising the volume incredibly high or what?

  2. +axeofcreation You’ve got a pretty good approximation of Adam’s tone at low/practice volumes. I looked through comments on a few videos, and couldn’t find anything. What kind of rig are you using? Amp, pedal(s), etc.?

    Great lessons, by the way. They’ve helped me out on a few little riffs or fills of a couple songs where I didn’t know exactly what Adam doing. Other than that, you seem to be playing them the same way I do, and you sound damn good, so I must be doing something right, too.

    1. +Rob Kurtz
      He tends to use a Line 6 pod HD with a Deadhorse Overdrive (with very subtle settings). Also he sometimes uses a volume pedal for dynamic

  3. The main riff sounds so f***** heavy! This will be the next song I´ll learn, good teaching btw, keep em coming x)

  4. I don’t get it, the part of the second chorus looks different from the tab, are both parts correct?, I mean, both sound correct to me at least.

    1. +Jaime S. Listening to it live, It definitely sounds like how he has it tabbed out instead. Where he only pulls off 5/0 on the low d at the end of the riff.

  5. Its mind blowing how simple yet difficult Adam Jones playing style is. Definitely a one of a kind guitarist. Its even more mind blowing how you’ve mastered his style. Best videos on youtube! Im watching them everyday, I’ve learned an insane amount of knowledge. Im all self taught so Ive had no real proper music training. Thanks again, long live the AXE!!

    1. This is glorious, I’ve been looking for “best guitar training books” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Peynharlotte Acoustic Smasher – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my brother in law got cool results with it.

    2. yeah it is weird how easy tool songs are (well a lot of them anyway) from a technique standpoint but they’re so freaking difficult to perfectly replicate, not to mention that they’re just hard to memorize as well. jones is incredibly unique thats for sure. nowadays there are a lot of copycat adam jones’ aka bands like chevelle, breaking benjamin, etc, but when tool were starting and in their prime there were no other guitar players with a style or sound anything like him (at least not that ive heard)!

    3. id have to say that danny carey is just about the best drummer on the planet as far as im concerned. him and jimmy chamberlin are the 2 best for my money!

  6. It’s like you’re playing nothing, and getting massive soun d out of it. Reminds me of Chevelle, but on guitar steroids..

  7. I’ve watched the way you play tool songs and I can tell you took some time to master their sound. It sounds great. Congratulations! I also love the time you take to do these videos. 😀

  8. Been watching your Tool videos. I love the fact that you say “either way is correct, its the same note”. I can’t stand in other videos where they say “this is the correct way because its how such and such plays it”. Or the comments that follow stating how “You’re playing it wrong”, when its the same just a different position. It’s music people. It’s meant to be expressed creatively and yes even the artist that created it will play if differently. My favorite guitarist never played the same song the same each night let alone the solo as recorded.

  9. Brilliant lesson man. The go-to guy when it comes to Tool riffs. It’s almost as if getting lessons from the man Adam Jones himself! Thank you

  10. Your videos have helped so much in learning Tool’s songs and techniques. Thanks much and keep up the good work!

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