Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits – Guitar Lesson (SB-342) Mark Knopfler

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Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits
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In this guitar lessons we're learning all of Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits, all of Mark Knopfler's brilliant fills through the song and the solos, and the chords!

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26 thoughts on “Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits – Guitar Lesson (SB-342) Mark Knopfler

  1. I have been waiting so long for a proper lesson on this song, especially since Mark Knopfler uses so many different licks throughout this song. Best lesson to start this year with! Wishing Justin and everyone a happy new year! Thank you so much for all your free and excellent content!

  2. OMG!!! I requested it on the Walk of Life video and you did it!  wow!

    You did not desert me… my brothers in arrrrrmssss! ☺  

  3. Just go to YouTube looking for a good tutorial of «Brother in arms»… And I find yours in the first video of my subscriptions! It looks like this is your New Year’s gift for me, hahaha.
    Amazing and fun tutorial and perfect sound. 

  4. Best lesson ever on the best song ever! I’m for shure not the only one who deems Mark Knopfler for one of the greatest guitarists on earth. And it was one of his concerts, which I was lucky to experience live, that made me to learn guitar and thereby changed and enriched my life. MK is such a fantastic and unique artist. He makes his guitar not only play notes, he makes it talk to you, moan to you, carry you away, reveal the instruments soul to you. Thanks Justin for let us learn his songs and let us participate in MK’s work of art. If you think about even more MK songs, what about “So far from the Clyde” and “Sailing to Philadelphia”?

  5. That expression at 00:30 pretty much sums up what an amazing composition this is. Great great lesson and a true tribute to the master craftsman, Mr Knopfler. What a wonderful track and truly elaborate in the way it is structured. This is the way music is meant to be. In a world dominated by three chord and 4 chord songs, these are just stand out records that will live forever. Sorry, getting carried away here but I have always believed that Mark Knopfler is just way above everyone else. And Justin does true justice to a stellar record!

    1. +sudhindra srinivas Agree with everything you have said but there is nothing wrong with using 3 or 4 chord songs. Using many number of chords does not mean good music. It is what you do with it that matters and not matter how many chords are used.

  6. More Dire Straits as you said! Knopfler is the greatest, most beautiful, most genius guitarist ever. Thank you for exposing some of his brilliance.

  7. Brilliant lesson, like all the others in your channel. Certainly have learnt a lot from this. May I also recommend teaching the “Tunnel Of Love” by Dire Straits. That certainly has some of the best lead guitar in all of MK’s career! 🙂

  8. Justin, each of your lessons is a joy. It’s very inspiring how you respect the songwriters and guitar players who came up with the tunes. You are a great guy, keep the fire going.

  9. I’m a new learner of electric guitar in Spain I have got difficult with English language but I want to say that music is an international language and a good way to learn something about beauty
    !Thank you for your videos!

  10. Justin, Thank you so much for your in depth lesson on this song. Great tune and has these cool almost mysterious sounding lead runs over the chords. I have been playing guitar since I was in 7th grade and now 50 years later I am still uncovering things to learn on guitar. Alway amazing to me a song with the same chords we know in certain combination take on a whole new feel. Although I was never a professional player and work as a commercial artist I take daily breaks from my paint or digital screens to turn the amps on and pick the guitar up.

    You are such a great guy and great guitar player and patiently going through the song. It’s funny I’ve bought the sheet music and its great to see you and hear you explain the song. Some of the sheet music is not accurate although Hal Lenord usually is. You are a pleasure you spend time with in YouTube. Even though we don’t know each other I feel like I get to know you in these lessons. You’re calm and cool guy.

    I work with a great guitar player and teacher in the San Francisco Bay area, Jim Gleason. I don’t think he minds that I go off on myself and explore other songs outside of my theory or songs I am working on with you. I feel lucky to know and work with Jim but if I didn’t have him as my option I would sign up for Skype lessons with you. IF you do that.

    I would guess you have students you work with around the globe with Skype lessons that work pretty well. Cheers!

  11. This is great, thank you! I’m nowhere near ready to learn that yet, but I’m glad to see it’s here when I am ready. I can only imagine the amount of work you put into figuring all this out so you could make this video.

  12. Justin, you are a brilliant teacher, I am making Sultans of swing my winter project, thank you so much for making the time to teach. Just the right amount of instruction and playing, thanks mate

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