Basic Blues ( complete beginners course ) – Guitar Lesson

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This is a complete beginners course for blues guitar. After this course you are able to understand, play and improvise blues. It is recommend that you go through all chapters :

Introduction 0:05
Form 3:26
Rhythm 14:38
Scale 21:50
Riffs 30:57
Improvisation 40:42
Licks 55:58

Once you are finished with this course you are ready to go the advanced course :

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Hi everyone:) Maestromike here,Thank you for visiting my website:) I more than appreciate it :) I have been playing guitar for 35 years now- ALREADY!!! boy where does the time go indeed:(:!!!Now the best possible advice i could give you is to be persistent!!!Always pick up and play your guitar whenever possible,use any spare time for playing guitar only!!! And i promise,you will be surprised at how fast you will be able to play,trust me. As my 35 years of Guitar experience proves this fact over and over again!!!So enjoy looking at my site and all the best to your guitar playing, and be persistent,persistent,persistent - Maestromike (Maestro):):):)

32 thoughts on “Basic Blues ( complete beginners course ) – Guitar Lesson

  1. Thanks for this HP. I used to play drums and found the easiest way to count triplets was counting: one-trip-let, two-trip-let, etc.

    To play the shuffle you play on the “number” and “let”. Great lesson as always!

  2. Great to see the course from the beginning and explained in’s not a long video when you learning so much and you can rewind it to go over something you need to practice. Great format, it would be great to see other compositions and lessons. Great HP

    1. Hey George, thanks for your extended feedback. Indeed I was not sure if this beginners course would be apprechiated but it broke all records in clicks on the first day after the upload – so it makes sense to do more in this direction. 🙂

    2. One of the best full courses for guitar.
      Also I found something that can help every new guitarists to learn . Just google “renkarter instant guitar report”, you won’t regret!

  3. great teaching skills man! Kept it simple and educative. Very nice video and great delivery from you as a coach. thank you. by spreading the blues you do a service to the world and to culture. 🙂

  4. Thanks for a fine lesson. If you’d move the camera higher and to your right (our left) we’d have a better view of your fretting fingers.

    1. Das wäre grundsätzlich schon möglich – allerdings ist der Grossteil der Nutzer auf dem Channel hier englisch sprachig.

  5. schade denn mit dem verstehen ist halt etwas schwer bei mir naja ok trotzdem Danke für die schnelle Antwort

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